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Patient Balance collection

The Patient Balance Collection service involves sending letters and making phone calls to collect the due balances from patients. For every healthcare provider, a patient’s well-being is of paramount importance. Their priority is to have a smooth method of patient financial services collection along with value-based services. 

When it comes to the patient collection, frequency and way of communication determine the difference between success and delays. Hence we have a specialized team that connects with patients to collect balances for the services rendered, providing a smooth method of collection by sending statements. They ensure diligently that the documents are collected and each line item is posted to the respective patient’s account.

Applite Solutions make sure that the patient collection team deals with the patient collections in a secure yet adaptable way. The idea is to connect with patients as soon as possible to pay their debts in a functional yet comfortable manner before the account becomes too cold. We recognize the necessity to communicate with patient debtors with respect and patience. 

Why Applite Solutions' Patient Balance Collection Services

The billing and Collection team at Applite Solutions provides customized and powerful solutions to enable our clients to achieve sustainable results. Our success lies in the deep understanding of the patient, and promptness of actions by calling them systematically and articulating effective and doable payment plans as part of our operations.

We are fully equipped to cater to all the needs of our clients successfully. We look forward to providing our clients with sound, full-cycle billing and collection services that too in a cost-effective manner.

With Applite Solutions, undertake patient collection quickly in a secure way!

Patient collection service - Applite solutions

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