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Insurance Pre-authorization Service

Prior authorization or pre-authorization is an essential element of medical diagnoses and procedures. It simply means getting prior approval from the insurance company before providing any service to the patients. This is done to make sure that the settlement of claims for such treatment will be covered by the insurance company. 

The process of Pre Authorization can be very time-consuming if there is a shortage of staff working for this service. For a quality pre-authorization service, it is important to hire someone who knows how to dive deep and offer specialized intervention.  At Applite Solutions, we provide you with a dedicated staff that performs an effective pre-authorization process. We help you with effective patient engagement and reduced overall operational expenses. 

Need for Insurance Pre-authorization services

With the evolvement of healthcare technology, the number of insurance plans has been increasing with its own policies and regulations. As the requirements keep changing, keeping up with them becomes difficult for healthcare professionals. Here comes the need for experts who can provide these Pre-authorization services.

Applite Solutions take complete care in delivering end-to-end prior authorization services to help you with multiple services. We understand that denial of Pre Authorization results in lost revenue, a decline in patient satisfaction and ultimately delay in patient care. Hence, our assistance will allow you to concentrate on providing prompt medical care to patients while receiving the compensation you deserve in a rapid turnaround.

Why Pre Authorization service from Applite Solutions?

We will take care of per authorization charge – beginning with authorization initiation, approval, and follow-up – Applite Solutions expert team will assist you in filling all prior authorization loopholes more quickly and efficiently.

Streamline your workflows with Applite Solutions’ pre-authorization services!

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