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Insurance Eligibility & Verification Services

Delayed or inaccurate patient insurance eligibility is among the most frustrating aspects for any healthcare professional. As a consequence, patients come in for appointments without paying their copayments, deductibles, or upfront responsibilities, which swells Accounts Receivable (AR) for later. 

Insurance verification may be complicated since patients are increasingly responsible for their own payments and regularly switch insurance carriers. You must be able to quickly identify coverage and decrease the number of claims rejected or unpaid due to inactive insurance or lack of coverage. When patients and providers both are informed of their insurance coverage, co-payments, and deductibles at the time of treatment, payment delays and the need for follow-up are reduced to much extent. 

Allow Applite Solutions expert team to assist you with verifying insurance coverage sooner in the billing process and expedite upfront collections of CoPay, Deductible, or any other out-of-pocket expenses which help to reduce the patient account receivables.

Why Applite Solutions for Insurance Eligibility & Verification?

At, Applite Solutions we will set your processes up for success at the very first step of insurance verification and patient eligibility data doing all the verification well in advance of the appointment guaranteeing maximum upfront collection. 

We validate copay, deductible, CPT coverage, and OON coverage and enter this data into your practice management system for convenient access throughout the check-in procedure. 

Let our professionals help you reach the maximum potential in your business with our revenue cycle management services.

insurance eligibility verification service - applite solutions

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