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How does Medical Coding work?

There are three fundamental medical codes that are utilized by healthcare professionals to accurately convert the care or treatment provided by them into a standardized code which in turn will be given to the insurance companies along with supporting documents when filing a medical claim for reimbursement. Medical coding is an important process in healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. It ensures that patient records are accurately coded and billed.

The three primary codes are: – International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code managed by the World Health Organization (WHO)  – Current Procedure Terminology (CPT) for documenting the medical treatments received by the patient during the visits. – Healthcare Common Procedure Coding Systems (HCPCs) managed by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 

The complexity in medical coding arises when these sets of codes are updated every now and then, with new codes getting added while making a few redundant. All this makes it so crucial for healthcare professionals to ensure that the medical coding is done with accuracy as if not done correctly will result in claim denials eventually leading to lower reimbursements.

Getting help from Professionals for medical coding

To avoid difficulties with coding services such as recurrent denials, revenue shortfalls, compliance issues, etc., and to maintain accurate documentation with smooth operation, you need committed coding specialists to help manage the process. Modern, prosperous healthcare operations simply cannot function incessantly without accurate and complete medical coding. 

Applite Solutions as your Medical Coding company

With Applite Solutions’ experienced team of coders, we can help you improve your coding accuracy and efficiency. We execute Medical Coding in accordance with the clinical documents available and in line with CMS Regulations. The work of medical coders is then scrutinized by a seasoned code auditor who has the required experience and qualifications. 

Let our certified coders ensure accurate coding for your billing claims resulting in fewer claim denials and maximum reimbursement.

Medical coding service provider in USA - Applite Solutions

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