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Streamlining Healthcare with Solutions

As a leading global healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) service provider, Applite Solutions strives to replace time-consuming and resource-heavy medical billing processes with result-oriented digital solutions that cut down on manual work and improve workflow. Allowing the healthcare organization to focus on providing quality care while we take care of the rest. 

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Committed to Delivering the Best

We are committed to providing our clients with the best Revenue Cycle Management technology solutions present in the industry, along with excellent client support. With data security, transparency, and client satisfaction being the guiding principles of Applite Solutions, our team of highly skilled professionals ensures delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

Our Vision & Mission

Applite Solution was born with a mission to deliver the best Revenue cycle management services to healthcare professionals who are striving for maximizing reimbursement, fewer claim denials, and managing their operations. 

Empowering healthcare organizations to focus on delivering the utmost care & attention to the patients while we take care of their Revenue Cycle and Operational Management in the best way possible.

Working with Applite Solutions means?


At Applite, transparency & accountability with our client is our core objective. Transparency in our work, standards and communication drives us to be the most reliable team for business.

Maximum Reimbursements

At Applite Solutions, we closely analyze the expenses versus the income to maximize profitability. We continuously look for alternative ways that can help in reducing expenses and maximize profit.

Business Growth

Our solutions and dedicated Revenue cycle management services have helped in reducing our clients‘ claim denials to 2%

Client Satisfaction

We consider our true success to be when our clients are satisfied.

Customizable and scalable Front-end RCM support

Unlike other Revenue cycle management providers, we offer tailored services for different practices in prior authorization, insurance verification, order entry, and confirmations. 

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