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Virtual Front Desk Support

As a healthcare professional, there are many tasks for you to juggle while managing your practice. And maintaining a virtual front desk adds up to it. Since it is the main point of contact in a clinic or a hospital, this service requires a well-trained team. We, at Applite Solutions, try to lessen your burden by helping you in providing excellent customer care. The responsibilities of our virtual front desk revolve around attending calls, gathering and maintaining records, checking in with patients, etc. This helps in keeping the patients to their scheduled appointments and decreases the rate of no-shows. 

Why the need for a virtual medical receptionist?

We know that in healthcare organizations there’s a lot to do, all the way from taking care of the patients to managing administrative tasks & paperwork, adding to this, answering the inquiry call simply adds ups to the workload.

And every unanswered call is a wasted opportunity to assist a patient. Even if you have a voicemail setup, chances are that not even half of the callers will leave a message. Since everyone is looking forward to human interaction for getting their queries answered. Now, just think about the benefits that a medical virtual assistant can bring to the table.

A virtual medical receptionist for a healthcare professional is a virtual assistant who will be the most crucial initial point of contact with the patient. They will handle incoming and outgoing calls, do appointment scheduling and confirmations, reschedule, respond to general inquiries, and lots more.

Applite Solutions as your Virtual Front Desk Support

Applite Solutions provides a virtual medical receptionist who will handle your call flows, enabling independence and flexibility for your on-site workforce. This virtual medical receptionist will accept all incoming calls, manage booking appointments, or route calls to the adequate internal worker all via your phone network. Thus, giving a cost-effective choice to assist handle your regular incoming calls and give a high degree of care delivery.

Get virtual front desk support from Applite Solutions for smooth call flow and never miss an inquiry again!

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