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Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Service

Providing medical treatment and managing the clinical cycle are challenging tasks. The operational component must be smoothly integrated with administrative and financial procedures. When it comes to credentialing and provider enrollment it is a complicated, time-taking procedure that has a significant influence on the quality of your medical services. 

Insurance credentialing permits a healthcare professional to use the patient’s insurance coverage and get paid for medical services rendered. Insurance Credentialing and Provider Enrollment involves knowledge of CAQH, PECOS, and paperwork criteria and frequent follow-ups with Insurance companies. To enable patients to use their insurance plans inside your healthcare facility, it is necessary for medical practitioners to be enrolled and accredited with the payers. If this is not done, the patient may seek out a different physician in network with the insurance companies with whom they have a contract.

Why take Provider Enrollment and Credentialing service?

When you go for getting the provider enrollment and credentialing done in-house then you must allocate resources to prepare new applications; monitor the completion and collect the papers; complete the credentialing process; submit the applications to payers; and then answer any requests for changes or additional information from payers. Additionally, this individual (or team) must monitor re-credentialing deadlines and begin, track, and finish the process whenever a provider’s re-credentialing is due. Specifically, they must keep themselves updated with industry developments, credentialing trends, and payer regulations.

Applite Solutions for Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services

Credentialing and provider enrollment is necessary but strenuous processes. Hence, it requires professionals who can provide this service in an efficient way. At Applite Solutions, our diligent Credentialing and enrollment services help you to get credentialed faster. Whether you are setting up a new medical practice or an established medical facility, you can trust us with improving the accuracy and scalability of your present system. 

What makes us different is that we try to avoid piling up paperwork with our advanced document management system. We understand how important it is for a healthcare professional to be credentialed with the majority of payers in a certain region. If one fails to do the same, one may lose patients to competitors in the healthcare industry. Hence, we take great concern about this. 

We make sure that you benefit from our services. Benefits like reducing the costs of the credentialing process, improving cash flow,  getting timely reports, and many more are included in our services. Let us handle provider enrollment and credentialing for your practice and see how your practice evolves.

Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Service - Applite Solutions

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