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Durable medical equipment (DME) is provided to give therapeutic benefits for a range of medical illnesses and diseases. Before becoming eligible for coverage by a Health Plan, Durable medical equipment must be medically justified and pre-authorized. Thus, it is clear that DME billing is distinct from all other types of medical billing. The billing market for durable medical equipment (DME) is known for constantly changing payor policies, reimbursement guidelines, and regulations. And working through these changes and procedures might get strenuous if you are not updated with industry standards. 

Therefore, healthcare professionals must collaborate with a reliable DME Billing service partner that knows the ins and outs of DME billing regulations. Having a specialized Durable medical equipment billing service provider allows you to simplify the process and keep track of every transaction. 

Why Applite Solutions as your DME Billing Service partner?

We maintain a specialist staff for Durable medical equipment billing services that assists you in streamlining your RCM and overcoming obstacles. All of your billing cycle-related issues are resolved so you may concentrate on general company operations, and most crucial delivering healthcare hassle-free while Applite Solutions handles your DME billing professionally.

We have direct experience with the DMEPOS billing procedure and a thorough understanding of its complexity. Some durable medical equipment needs prior authorization and numerous follow-ups.

In DME Billing, there are highly stringent payer rules, and improper processing might lead to an increase in rejections. Applite Solutions team has a comprehensive understanding of coding and payer rules, and we assign resources for payer follow-ups to shorten your turnaround time and increase your revenue flow.

DME Billing service provider in US - Applite Solutions

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